About us

Guroom is a dog skin and coat care essentials company. My husband and I started this company with our dog, Leo, as our guiding inspiration. As a puppy, Leo spent many days in the emergency room navigating a severe illness. Since then, we became extra cautious and cognizant of everything we feed him and put on him. Enter, Guroom! With the heart to give Leo the best, we started researching how we could make a dog shampoo with ingredients that we would feel good about putting on ourselves.
We're starting our small business journey with dog shampoos, but we hope to expand quickly and offer even more high-quality skin and coat care essentials for your dog.

Lastly, when building this brand, we wanted to pay homage to our Korean roots. So if you didn't know, Guroom (pronounced: goo-room) is a play on words. It means "cloud" in Korean and our hope is that with our products, you can groom your dog into a fluffy cloud.

We are a small family-owned business based in Los Angeles. As we start on this exciting journey, we are personally handling and packaging each shipment. We hope that when you receive your package, you will feel our warmth and love! 

Thank you for your support!
Christine, Sean, and Leo